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Read our books on your computer, tablet, etc.

The downloads on this page are formatted for Amazon Kindle, but using a free app from Amazon, you can read them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Click below to download your Kindle Reader App.

How to Install Our Books on Your Kindle, Computer, Tablet, etc.

Installing on Kindle

Since you're downloading from our website instead of buying from Amazon, delivery to your Kindle isn't automatic. But it is easy. Here's what to do:

  1. Download the book to your computer.
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Your Kindle will show up like another hard drive on your computer. Open it up.
  4. Copy or move the book from the place you saved in on your computer (it might be on the desktop or in your downloads folder) to the "documents" folder on your Kindle.
  5. "Eject" your Kindle from your computer. On Windows, click the "Safely remove hardware" icon in the tray on your taskbar and select your Kindle. On Mac, drag your Kindle's hard drive icon to the trash (don't worry, nothing will get deleted.)

The book will now appear on your Kindle.

Installing on a Computer, Tablet, etc.

  1. Click the image to the right to get your free Kindle Reader app from Amazon.
  2. Download the book to the device you wish to read it on.
  3. You can now double-click the book to open in in your Kindle Reader app.