Gecko Tribe Family
Gecko Tribe Family
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I have not used these sites, so I can't vouch for them personally, but they are popular, so I imagine you might find them useful.

"197 GEDCOMs downloaded, 4832 to go...Ugh!"

Have you ever tried to download all the GEDCOMs for your ancestors to import into PAF? How many did you finish before you gave up? I'd finished all of maybe 2 or 3 and immediately realized that doing it manually would take forever. So I put off getting started for years...until I realized that I could write a script to download them all automatically.

GEDCOM Crawler generates a single GEDCOM file containing all of the information from the LDS Ancestral File for the ancestors of the indicated family. In about 45 minutes, it downloaded data on 5,525 families in my family tree, stretching all the way back to 124 A.D.!

NOTE: Because the data comes from the Ancestral File, it does not contain LDS ordinance data. Look for other tools to help you import this data into PAF.

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